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What is StickMUD?

StickMUD is a text-based multi-user dungeon (MUD) fantasy game situated in the medieval times. We are completely free, and you are welcome to play at any time. Just log on using telnet or any other text client of your choice.

We are at, port 7680, or 23 (telnet).


StickMUD is a traditional LPMUD. MUDs (Multiuser Dungeon) are typically interactive text-based games with a high emphasis on roleplaying. MUDs represent the early wave of Internet gaming and there are numerous variations of the game (MUSH, MOO, LPMUD, Diku,...). While the most popular games on the Internet are flashy 3D spectacles, text based MUDs have a loyal following. Perhaps the attraction is in the feeling of community and chat-like environment. Text-based games also leave a lot for your own imagination!

We are almost 20 years old now, which is quite respectable. There are not that many muds around that have such a history and background.

In June 1991, Frobozz got a permission from Extechop to start running a MUD at the University of Jyvaskyla. Earlier that spring they had run a DikuMUD for a couple of months, but decided to run an LPMUD (Lars Pensjö Multi-User Dungeon), because it was easier to code and maintain, and had a flexible language (LPC) that could be compiled inside the MUD.

Frobozz had no experience in getting the MUD up and running, so he needed help. Fortunately, Graah had been running experimental MUDs in some computers of University of Jyvaskyla (without permission from administration). On June 17th, 1991, StickMUD was opened. At first it was called JYUMUD, because the domain name of University of Jyvaskyla is Later it was decided - with great imagination - that the name would be StickMUD, because the name of the computer in English was Stick. Of course, saying "stick in the mud" was in mind, too.

Game Info

You can log in and check the help files by logging in and using the name "guest" and by typing "help". But, the best way to get familiar with StickMUD is to just log in and create a character. We do have some basic information about the game also around the wiki, hopefully some day a bit more than just basic info :)

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