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Questing is a series of tasks, which might include few kills, escorting a person to another person, or for instance a return of an ancient weapon or item. Each quest will reward the quester some quest points, which are required to advance in levels. Usually, harder the quest, bigger the reward. However, there are exceptions to this rule. There's two types of quests in the game. Non-Lord quests and Lord quests. Typically quests are divided into these categories by difficulty.

Oracle of the Newbie Park

Description: Send a tell to the Oracle of the Newbie Park, She will guide you.

Location: Newbie park inside Tristeza

Type: Non-Lord

Beer to Bum

Description: Buy a beer and bring it to the Bum under the bridge west of town.

Location: Under the bridge, west of Tristeza

Type: Non-Lord

3. The Island of Desolation
4. The Maze Under Well
5. Black Knight Does Not Say 'Ni!'
6. This Quest Stinks
7. The Adventurer's Contest
8. Eat at Joe's
9. The Orc Slayer
10. Son of Amos the Bold
11. The Sampo Quest
12. Quest for the Holy Grail
13. The Kitiara's Mansion
14. The Putrid Purple Pederast
15. The Sunken Treasure Quest
16. Magic 8 ball
17. The Maze of Fame
18. The Hidden Llorozorokarak
19. The Spirit of the East Forest
20. Zillgod is very, very angry!
21. The Pirate Quest
22. The Conquest of Pohjola
23. My Breath is Like Fire? So, SUE me!
24. The Treasure of the East Forest
25. The Silver Ring

26. The Great Golem
27. The Hill Giants
28. Margaret's Holy Quest
29. The UFO Quest
30. The Tomb of Orchinie
31. Gargamel
32. The Holy Handgrenade of Antioch
33. The Sunken Temple
34. The Ogre Slayer
35. The Balloon Animal Quest
36. Quest for the Silmarils
37. The Quest of Immortality