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Questing is a series of tasks, which might include few kills, escorting a person to another person, or for instance a return of an ancient weapon or item. Each quest will reward the quester some quest points, which are required to advance in levels. Usually, harder the quest, bigger the reward. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

Questing in general is mandatory up to level 60 (711 quest points, at the moment). Quests, even if organized into "Non-Lord" and "Lord" quests, can be performed in any order.

Non-Lord quests

Typically, these quests are meant as means to get to know the game a bit. They typically are pretty simple, and don't require immense effort to complete.

Oracle of the Newbie Park

Description: Send a tell to the Oracle of the Newbie Park, She will guide you.

Location: Newbie park inside Tristeza

Beer to Bum

Description: Buy a beer and bring it to the Bum under the bridge west of town.

Location: Under the bridge, west of Tristeza

The Island of Desolation

Description: Find the desolate island of Loob. It is somewhere on the Blue sea of Ahti. There is no return from the island. The sea is located somewhere west of Tristeza, there may be a boat waiting for you.

Location: Somewhere in the Blue sea of Ahti

The Maze Under Well

Description: Solve the maze in the well

Location: Down in the well of Tristeza

Black Knight Does Not Say 'Ni!'

Description: Go into the forest that is behind, or actually inside, the Frobozz' Inn for Monsters and cut down the mightiest tree in the forest... with a herring. You might want to find Lumberjack first.

Location: Inside Frobozz' Inn for Monsters, northeast from Tristeza

This Quest Stinks

Description: Explore the sewers under the city and find the cavern.

Location: Under Tristeza, in the city sewers

The Adventurer's Contest

Description: On the main island (in townhall) is held a 'Adventurer's contest'. You must pass the 'local' level. To get to this island you must swim the sea to the east. From there you must find a cave.

Location: On the main island east of Tristeza

Eat at Joe's

Description: Eat at Joe's! Follow the wandering bear.

Location: Tristeza, Joe's restaurant.

The Orc Slayer

Description: Retrieve the Orc Slayer sword from evil orc shaman in orc valley, and give it to Leo the archwizard in the church tower.

Location: Orc valley, west of Tristeza

Son of Amos the Bold

Description: Respected citizen of Tristeza, Amos the Bold has lost his son. He needs a brave adventurer to fulfill a task for him. Find Amos at his home on Dragon Street and ask him about his son.

Location: Amos' house, Dragon St. Tristeza

The Sampo Quest

Description: Bring a Sampo to the Mistress of Pohjola and you'll be rewarded. Start by asking Vainamoinen of Kalevala about the Sampo.

Location: Kalevala, west and north of Tristeza

Quest for the Holy Grail

Description: Find the Holy Grail. Some people say it was last seen inside Frobozz's Inn northeast of town.

Location: Inside Frobozz' Inn for Monsters, northeast from Tristeza

The Kitiara's Mansion

Description: Destroy evil witch, Kitiara. She lives in Mansion of Kantele, south from Tristeza. Beware, she is really nasty. A quest for a group of tough adventurers.

Location: Kitiara's mansion, just south from Tristeza

The Putrid Purple Pederast

Description: B'Harni, a Great Old One, has entered the world in his foul form of a purple dinosaur. You must destroy that horrible abomination. B'Harni is probably hiding among other dinosaurs...

Location: Jungle west and north of Tristeza

The Sunken Treasure Quest

Description: Find the lost sunken treasure!

Location: Somewhere in the bottom of the ocean (Seaworld)

Magic 8 ball

Description: Miles has lost his magic 8 ball can you find it? Miles lives in a large mansion and has a huge hedge maze there are lots of hedge monsters there and he has ghost in his attic. Can you help him. The mansion can be found if you step threw the circle of stones west of town. Please hurry before the Hedges get him

Location: Near Demon Town Entrance

The Maze of Fame

Description: Find and solve the Maze of Fame, rumoured to have been crafted in ancient times by dwarven magicians. Bring your weaponry, for you might need it; but if you bring your wits, maybe you won't need your weaponry after all...

Location: Somewhere in Crag Pool

The Hidden Llorozorokarak

Description: Find the legendary Dark Elven City of Llorozorokarak. No one knows where it is, but it is certainly hard to find!

Location: Not going to tell you

The Spirit of the East Forest

Description: The Dark Elves have captured the Spirit of the East Forest and taken her somewhere into the Underdark. Find her or the East Forest will die! Suitable for one tough or a party of medium level adventurers.

Location: Somewhere in Llorozorokarak

Zillgod is very, very angry!

Description: The mighty Zillgod is furious, and has to be appeased. Bilbo, of hobbit village, might help you on your quest. A tough quest for VERY tough players (level 18 and over).

Location: Hobbit village, just northeast of Tristeza.

The Pirate Quest

Description: It is rumored that the Dread Pirate Robinson is in need of brave sailors. He was last seen on the Pirate Island.

Location: Pirate Island in the great seas

The Conquest of Pohjola

Description: Conquest the evil land of Pohjola, and slay Louhi, the mistress of Pohjola.

Location: Pohjola, beyond the Sea of Ahti

My Breath is Like Fire? So, SUE me!

Description: Buy a firebreather and bring it to the Adventurer in the fourth level of the Small Underground Empire (which is somewhere to the northeast from Tristeza; tough place, don't go alone, unless you know what you are doing). Recommended for a party of TOUGH non-lords.

Location: Small Underground Empire, northeast of Tristeza

The Treasure of the East Forest

Description: Find the treasure in the East Forest. This is a dangerous quest, recommended for a party of TOUGH non-lords.

Location: East forest, east of Tristeza

The Silver Ring

Description: Find the Silver Ring. Seek it in the dark. No more hints.

Location: Underdark

Lord quests

Meant for the more experienced players, the Lord quests typically give a bigger reward and require a bit higher level than the Non-Lord counterparts.

The Great Golem



The Hill Giants



Margaret's Holy Quest



The UFO Quest



The Tomb of Orchinie






The Holy Handgrenade of Antioch



The Sunken Temple



The Ogre Slayer



The Balloon Animal Quest



Quest for the Silmarils



The Quest of Immortality