Support from our fans!

On September 22, 2020, StickMUD Entertainment LLC was formed to operate StickMUD. StickMUD Entertainment LLC pays for operational costs such as hosting, web domains, ads & marketing, email, accountant and legal fees. StickMUD Entertainment LLC is owned by Tamarindo, an Administrator at StickMUD. Tamarindo contributes to Patreon on a monthly basis. You are also welcome to support StickMUD via Patreon:

Become a Patron!

Using Patreon has several benefits, including bringing the donator system back online for StickMUD and adding the capability to accept funds from contributors across the globe.

Patreon is also tied into the StickMUD Discord server, which provides another important component of our game community. For those who contribute, you’ll receive a Patron role on Discord and your name will receive a special color. Those who contribute at a tier of Fabled or above will also receive access to the fabled-fraternity channel on Discord for private chat with the administrators and coders.

Patreon will distribute exclusive content like previews, tales from development, and more that introduce you to new features, areas and quests as we grow. Patreon will share polls from time to time and accept your vote as input for direction for the game.

We’ll do our best to find more ways to provide some perks to our Patrons and make you proud to support this venture. We believe in StickMUD and are excited to see the game grow and draw your interest for years to come!