Can you stop Ebonflow?

Ebonflow likes to raid Tristeza and murder all of its citizens and anyone that tries to stop him. Will you step up and defend the town and its people when this happens? This event is open to everyone brave enough to defend Tristeza against Ebonflow and its spawns.

For this event, expect the following:

  1. This event occurs randomly 1x per boot whenever Ebonflow is released. Other times, its just a normal town raid (no points awarded). Check for broadcast message of the event.
  2. Ebonflow and spawns will attack anyone unidle in town, level 5 and up.
  3. This event ends when Ebonflow and all its spawns are killed.
  4. Expect Ebonflow (and its spawns) to be much harder than usual during this event. Think twice if you intend to defend alone.
  5. Reward for participating in the event is based on a ranking system. You are ranked based on how much overall damage you do to Ebonflow. In case of ties, how many Ebonspawns you killed.
  6. Additional points can be earned by killing Ebonflow’s spawns (note – it is not 1 to 1).