To kill or be killed?

Cast aside your guild loyalties, your clan affiliations, your alliances, your friendships, your truces and whatever other reasons you may have not to PK or finally get the revenge you have been seeking. Kill your current enemy and get an event point in the process. Don’t be a coward. Kill as many other players as you can! Try not to be PK’d! This event applies to all players who are brave enough to PK. Cowards can hide at Temple Yard.

How this works:

  • Temple yard will be closed off to everyone. Only those who died during the event or anyone logging in during the event will be able to get to Temple Yard. But once you leave the safety of Temple Yard, you are fair game.
  • During this event, all non-PK areas become PK areas, including Tristeza.
  • If you die during this event, you will not lose your eq and will respawn at Temple Yard with full HPs.
  • Only deaths that are credited as a PK will be counted. If you didn’t get credit for the PK for whatever reason, it’s not a PK.
  • This is NOT a party-supported event. This is a free-for-all. Only the one who was credited with the PK gets the point. Party members get nothing.
  • Every event participant will receive 1 event point for each kill you make or death you suffer, to a max of 5 event points.
  • At the end of the event, all event participants will be ranked based on the following criteria:
    • Most number of kills
    • Most number of unique kills (not the same person multiple times)
    • Least number of deaths
    • 1st to reach that number of kills
  • The 3 top ranked participants will receive additional event points.
    • Rank #1 -> +15
    • Rank #2 -> +10
    • Rank #3 -> +5
  • You will only receive event points if you kill or are killed by another player. Simply attacking a player and running away will get you nothing.
  • You cannot go link-dead or quit unless you are at Temple Yard.