How fast can you sail?

AHOY, ship captains! Get your crew together and prepare your ship. It’s time to see who can sail around the world the fastest!

Race against other ships. Race against your own best time. Let’s find out who commands the best ship in StickMUD!


This event is open to anyone with a ship, rented or bought.

For this event, expect the following:

  • You must visit and checkin at the Inns of following harbors in any order you wish:
    • Asahi
    • Chios
    • Laite
    • Pirate
    • Tristeza
  • Your ship must be docked in the harbor of the Inn you are checking in at or it will not count.
  • You must use the same ship when visiting each Inn. You cannot switch
    ships or you will have to start over.
  • Whatever Inn you check into first is your starting Inn and starts the clock.
  • Sail to each of the other harbors and check into their Inn. When you are done visiting all the other Inns, you must check back in at your starting Inn to stop the clock and successfully complete a run, hopefully with the fastest time.
  • If you completed a run and wish to try again to get a better time, just check into any Inn again to start a new run.
  • Only the run with your best time for the current event will be saved and used. All other runs, completed or partial, are discarded.
  • If you started a run but want to start over, type checkin restart at any Inn of your choosing to restart your clock.
  • If you feel the need to cancel a run, type checkin abandon at any Inn. The current run will be discarded. If you have a completed run already, it will not be affected.
  • At the end of the event, if you do not have a completed run, you will receive 1 event point for every Inn you successfully check into after the initial checkin. The 1st checkin where the clock starts does not count.
  • If you have a completed run, you will receive 5 event points, even if you are in the middle of another run.
  • Additional event points are awarded to the top 3 participants with the fastest time for completed runs:
    • 1st Place: +15 event points
    • 2nd Place: +10 event points
    • 3rd Place: +5 event points