How well do you know StickMUD?

It’s a classic scavenger hunt, StickMUD style! Get the checklist and start finding stuff! This event is open to everyone.

For this event, expect the following:

  • When the event starts, players will need to request a randomly generated list of items, monsters and locations from the checklist dispenser that will appear at the well in Tristeza. Each checklist may be different from the next.
  • You can always discard and obtain a new list but it will be different each time.
  • Once you think you found an item on the checklist, examine the checklist to find out which command to use to mark it off.
  • For items on the checklist to be marked off, it must respond to the text
    indicated or the short description must match exactly as shown.
    • For example:
      • If it says “Item – Knife”, any item that responds to knife will work.
      • If it says “Item – A black knife”, most likely you must find an item whose short description is exactly “A black knife”. A “Blessed +1 black knife” will most likely not work unless it somehow responds to “a black knife”. Doesn’t hurt to try!
  • When you have found everything on the checklist or you feel it is too difficult for you to get the rest of the items, submit the checklist back to the checklist dispenser. You cannot submit a checklist generated for someone else.
  • You can only submit 1 checklist during this event. Once you do that you are done. If you try to submit another checklist after submitting one, it will be ignored.
  • The items on the list will be grouped into different sections. Each section is worth a certain number of points once completed.
  • You will only get event points if you submitted a checklist regardless if it was partially or fully completed. If you do not submit a checklist before the end of the event, you will get nothing!
  • Event points will be awarded at the end of the event as follows:
    • 1 point for submitting a list with at least 1 item found
    • +X point as indicated for each completed section on the list
    • +5 point for submitting a complete list (bonus section not counted)
    • +5 bonus point for being the 1st to submit a completed list