Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

There are rumors of a zombie apocalypse circulating. When it will start and how long it will last is unknown. Will you run and hide or will you try to kill as many zombies as you can? Be prepared for it to happen at any time. This is a Lord event. Participation by non-lords is optional.

For this event, expect the following:

  1. Non-lords will not be attacked by zombies. Non-lords who wish to participate must kill 1 zombie so we know you are actively participating.
  2. Idle lords will not be attacked.
  3. The Temple Yard safe haven will be closed off to Lords. Only non-lords, lords who died during the event or anyone logging in during the event will be able to get to Temple Yard. Once you leave the safety of Temple Yard, you are fair game.
  4. No place other than Temple Yard is automatically safe, though there are ways to make your environment safe from zombies and maybe ride out the apocalypse unharmed.
  5. Lords will not be able to quit or go link-dead if you are not at Temple Yard.
  6. Zombies deaths will be monster kills (more experience loss than player kills)!
  7. Zombies get harder as time progresses.
  8. You will receive 1 event point for being out in the game during the event. If you are at Temple Yard and never leave or idle the entire event, you are not a participant.
  9. The more zombies you kill, the more event points you can earn (note – it is not 1 to 1).
  10. At the end of the event, 3 event points for every death you suffered from a zombie will be removed from your total event points. If you die so many times that you lost more points than you earned, you will still get 1 event point.
  11. This event can be triggered with a 0 or 1 point option. This means that no matter how many zombies you kill or deaths you suffer, you will only get 0 or 1 point, depending on option chosen, at the end of the event. If either of these option is used, it will be clearly stated at the start of the event.
  12. Corpses that reanimate into a zombie of the apocalypse will not count towards your zombie kill count, but will deduct from your event points as normal if you die to one, so beware!