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What are player races?

Player race is a well, a race, that players can choose in the Race Guild. The race determines for instance maximum stats, stat costs, carry ratio, and seeing level or a player. Race Guild is located east from Temple Yard. Players can freely choose a race, until they hit level 6. If race choice is bad, you can still go and buy a new race or stat reset from Doctor Mengele in the player hospital. This is located just south of the Market Square in Tristeza.

Available races

Each race has different characteristics. They're easiest to describe with different set of stats.

Maximum stats [*] Donator only
Race Con Dex Int Str Max HP Max SP Max FP
Trolls 187 44 33 176
Ogres* 154 66 55 165
Dwarves 132 77 77 154
Half-orcs 143 88 77 132
Humans 110 110 110 110
Goblins* 99 165 77 99
Half-elves* 88 121 143 88
Dark Elves 77 121 176 66 422 971 436
Elves 66 143 165 66
Hobbits 66 198 121 55

Dark Elves


Moreldar quendi (Homo nyx quentis, rarely accepted)


Dark elves are a fairy race, beautiful but alien by human standards. Tall and lithe, they appear weak and fragile to mortal hominids or goblinoids. Elves are extremely healthy, being immune to all known diseases. Elves are also immortal for all practical arguments. They can see perfectly in darkness, but hate the light of the Sun. Their pointed ears hear better than of any race, except perhaps hobbits. Elves heal moderately when injured, but do not fatigue mentally to any noticeable effect. They are considerable weaker than other races. Elves have little tolerance for alcohol.


Even the most skilled of human magic users consider dark elves to be extraordinary magicians. Dark elves have intellectual powers far beyond that of other races and make the best magic users. Dark elves learn to handle even the most complicated weapons and tools quickly and easily.


Dark elves are evil, sadistic monsters of the Underworld. They hate almost all other races, but especially elves. They are greatly feared by other races save trolls, which are almost allies, though not their friends.


Extraordinarily intelligent and very dexterous dark elves make excellent magic users. They are a bit weak and frail for melee combat, but are extremely ferocious and skillful when required. Dark elves are unable or unwilling to carry large loads, but do require less nourishment than other races. They also rebound from mental exertions much more quickly than other races.