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Our community of players has enjoyed the StickMUD game world for more than 30 years, as we were established on June 17th, 1991. StickMUD is a free, multi-player, medieval fantasy hack-and-slash game played with text only. One may role-play as a Bard, Fighter, Mage, Necromancer, Ninja, Thief, Healer or Priest. Players train skills in both craft and combat aligned with their chosen guild. Choose between 20 player races. Heroes and villains alike are invited!

Choose Your Path to Adventure

Welcome to StickMUD, a captivating multi-user dungeon game set in a rich medieval-fantasy world. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer looking for excitement, StickMUD offers a unique experience that caters to all playstyles. Dive into a realm where your choices shape your destiny, and join one of our diverse guilds to unlock your character’s full potential. Here’s a glimpse into the fascinating guilds that await you:

Embrace the Melody: The Bard Guild

Bards are the ultimate performers, blending magic and music to create an enchanting gameplay experience. With abilities like “Animate” to summon allies, “Disorient” to confuse foes, and “Sonicblast” to unleash powerful sonic energy, Bards are versatile spellcasters. They also excel in support roles with spells like “Inspiration” to boost allies’ stats and “Fortification” to protect them from harm. If you love the idea of controlling the battlefield with music and magic, the Bard guild is your perfect match.

Divine Intervention: The Priest Guild

Priests are the guardians of light, dedicated to healing and protecting their allies. Their powerful spells, such as “Heal” and “Cure,” ensure that your party remains healthy and strong. With abilities like “Sanctuary” to shield companions and “Turn Undead” to banish evil forces, Priests are indispensable in any team. Their divine magic also includes the ability to resurrect fallen comrades, making them the heart and soul of any adventuring group. Join the Priest guild to become a beacon of hope and a master of restorative magic.

Master of Combat: The Fighter Guild

Fighters are the embodiment of strength and combat expertise. With an extensive arsenal of skills, including “Bash,” “Chop,” and “Cleave,” Fighters deal devastating damage to their enemies. They can adopt defensive stances with abilities like “Defend” and “Concentrate,” ensuring they can withstand even the toughest assaults. Fighters are proficient with a variety of weapons and excel in both offensive and defensive roles. If you crave the thrill of close-quarters battle, the Fighter guild is your path to glory.

Mystical Powers: The Mage Guild

Mages are the true masters of arcane magic, wielding spells that can alter the fabric of reality. From casting destructive spells like “Meteor” and “Lightning” to protective enchantments like “Dragonskin” and “Aura,” Mages are incredibly versatile. Their abilities to “Teleport” and create illusions make them strategic assets in any situation. Mages also excel in crafting magical items, enhancing their spellcasting potential. Embrace the arcane arts and become a powerful sorcerer in the Mage guild.

Shadows and Secrets: The Necromancer Guild

Necromancers harness the powers of death and the undead to dominate the battlefield. With spells like “Animatedead” to raise minions and “Absorblife” to drain enemies’ strength, Necromancers are formidable opponents. They can manipulate the environment with abilities like “Darkness” and “Earthmeld,” and their signature spells like “Soulcapture” give them unique advantages. If you are drawn to dark magic and the mysteries of the afterlife, the Necromancer guild is your calling.

Stealth and Precision: The Ninja Guild

Ninjas are stealthy warriors, excelling in agility and precision. With abilities like “Hide” and “Sneak,” they move undetected, striking enemies with surprise attacks like “Stab” and “Strangle.” Their combat skills include “Whirlwind” for rapid attacks and “Assassin” for focused kills. Ninjas can craft bombs and caltrops, adding a strategic element to their gameplay. Join the Ninja guild to master the art of stealth and become an elusive, lethal warrior.

Cunning and Deception: The Thief Guild

Thieves are masters of stealth, cunning, and precision. They excel in infiltration and theft, using abilities like “Pick” to unlock doors and “Steal” to take items unnoticed. Combat skills such as “Stab” and “Hamstring” allow them to disable enemies effectively. Thieves can “Hide” in the shadows and “Sneak” around undetected, making them elusive and dangerous. If you enjoy strategic gameplay and the thrill of outsmarting your opponents, the Thief guild is your perfect fit.

Healing and Protection: The Healer Guild

Healers are dedicated to preserving and restoring life, making them vital members of any adventuring party. With powerful spells like “Heal” and “Cure,” they ensure their allies remain healthy and strong. Healers can “Sanctuary” their companions to shield them from harm and use “Turn Undead” to banish evil forces. Their ability to “Resurrect” fallen comrades makes them indispensable in prolonged battles. Healers also possess a range of supportive spells like “Refresh” to invigorate their party and “Shield” to provide additional protection. Join the Healer guild to become a master of restorative magic and a guardian of life in StickMUD.

Join the Adventure

StickMUD offers a unique and immersive experience where your choices define your adventure. Choose your guild, hone your skills, and embark on epic quests in a world filled with magic, mystery, and danger. Whether you prefer the melodic spells of a Bard, the divine powers of a Priest, the combat prowess of a Fighter, the arcane magic of a Mage, the dark arts of a Necromancer, the stealthy strikes of a Ninja, the cunning tricks of a Thief, or the healing touch of a Healer, StickMUD has a place for you.

Dive into StickMUD today and forge your own path to glory!

Connection Information

Freely connect with us at stickmud.com port 7680 via telnet and port 7670 encrypted. Scroll down to learn about the various methods to connect to us with your favorite devices.


For visually impaired players, please consider this accessibility pack designed by one of our players designed for use with the TinTin client or beta test the new accessibility features of Mudlet. Our wiki page on accessibility offers commands that will optimize your game experience, or type help accessibility after you enter the game.


Grapevine for browsers

Play in your favorite web browser with Grapevine

Game Client (recommended)

Mudlet for Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome OS

Play on Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome with Mudlet


Mudrammer for iOS

Play on your iPhone or iPad with Mudrammer


Blowtorch for Android

Play on your Android device with Blowtorch

TinTin++ for Android

Play on your Android device via Termux and TinTin++