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Connection Information

Freely connect with us at stickmud.com port 7680 via telnet. The scroll down to learn about the various methods to connect to us with your favorite devices.


Our community of players has enjoyed the StickMUD game world for more than 30 years, as we were established on June 17th, 1991. StickMUD is a free, multi-player, medieval fantasy hack-and-slash game played with text only. One may role-play as a Bard, Fighter, Mage, Necromancer, Ninja, Thief, Healer or Priest. Players train skills in both craft and combat aligned with their chosen guild. Choose between 18 player races. Heroes and villains alike are invited!


Grapevine for browsers

Play in your favorite web browser with Grapevine

Game Client (recommended)

Mudlet for Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome OS

Play on Windows, Mac, Linux or Chrome with Mudlet


Mudrammer for iOS

Play on your iPhone or iPad with Mudrammer


Blowtorch for Android

Play on your Android device with Blowtorch

TinTin++ for Android

Play on your Android device via Termux and TinTin++