StickMUD is a free, medieval fantasy game with a depth of features. Newbies escape quickly into game play with minimal study time. Awaken under the wondrous Mallorn Tree in the center of Newbie Park and learn by playing. Challenge non-player characters to gain experience, advance level and maximize your stats. Between battles, sit on the enchanted bench under the Tree to rapidly heal and reduce wait time. Signs in the park present game features such as races, clans and guilds. Read up on teasers about the adventures on the path ahead like dragons, castles and sailing. Join a guild and learn the ways of a Bard, Fighter, Mage, Necromancer, Ninja, Thief, Healer or Priest. Train skills in both craft and combat aligned with your guild. Participate in frequent game-wide events to earn points exchanged for gold, experience or skill training. Heroes and villains alike are invited! Role play is optional and player vs. player combat is allowed in much of the game.

Our Location

StickMUD is hosted in Toronto, Canada.

Why StickMUD?

StickMUD’s player base helps differentiate us from other games. Our players are extremely helpful. We want to see the game grow and will go out of our way to help a new player get started. Everyone loves sharing strategies for the best ways to train skills or get the best equipment across the thousands of rooms in StickMUD’s many areas. StickMUD frequently runs events that range from double experience or double skills training to the most popular event, the scavenger hunt, which is different for every player each time and often requires collaboration with other players to gain as many precious event points as possible.

Our trainable skills tree advances when one begins combat with non-player characters (NPCs) also called monsters. It is exciting to get these numbers moving in the right direction! We have a ton of interesting areas, many of which are already mapped when one plays via the Mudlet client. StickMUD has six islands and a sailing system complete with sea battles and boat races that interest many players. Players can join a guild and race direct from the login screen for a quick start. Non-unique equipment is saved from one session to the next.

Our History

In June 1991, one of our founders, Frobozz got permission from Extechop, a local sysadmin, to start running a MUD at the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland. Earlier that spring they had run a DikuMUD for a couple of months, but decided to run an LPMud (Lars Pensjö Multi-User Dungeon), because they felt it was easier to code and maintain, and had a flexible language (LPC) that could be compiled inside the MUD.

Frobozz had no experience in getting the MUD up and running, so he needed help. Fortunately, Graah, another founder, had been running experimental MUDs in some computers of University of Jyvaskyla (without permission from administration). On June 17th, 1991, StickMUD was opened. At first it was called JYUMUD, because the domain name of University of Jyvaskyla is jyu.fi. Later it was decided – with great imagination – that the name would be StickMUD, because the name of the computer in English was Stick. Of course, saying “stick in the mud” was in mind, too.


On September 22, 2020, StickMUD Entertainment LLC was formed to operate StickMUD. StickMUD Entertainment LLC pays for operational costs such as hosting, web domains, ads & marketing, email, accountant and legal fees. Find contact information here.


Much of the optional sound playing in the background during game play at StickMUD is originally sourced by Tabletop Audio. Tabletop Audio is the premier, free-to-use, user supported ambient game audio site on the web. The game runners of StickMUD have donated to support Tabletop Audio.  We encourage all of the players who have fallen in love with the diverse variety of 10 minute ambience sound clips to consider a donation at the Tabletop Audio website.

Many of the graphics used on the StickMUD website were purchased as licensed materials from sites like Shutterstock and should not be downloaded and used for other purposes.  Thank you!